Marilyn Pearlman shares a story about her roots.

"If you are not telling your story,who is?"

My family history is rooted in three surnames: the Pearlman’s, the Goldberger’s and the Alberts. Since I can trace the Goldberger’s back 160 years, I will cover them first.

My great grandmother, Josephine Goldberger, traveled from London to Memphis with her parents and siblings in 1867, the year after the Civil War ended. Her father was a successful cotton exporter who had done business with the Cotton Capital for years. Josephine distinguished herself by her height (under 5 ft.), her 11 children and her memories of her childhood living in an area of the city inhabited by many former slaves.


" Marilyn Pearlman"
” Marilyn Pearlman”
One of my fondest childhood memories still involves Sundays at the “little grandma's” house where four generations of the Goldberger clan gathered to eat, and sing in English, Hebrew and Yiddish, a language brought over by Jews from Eastern and Central European countries.
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After she died at 100, my father Harry wrote a book (never published) based on stories told to her by young neighbors who had lived on plantations before she knew them. Unfortunately, neither my grandmother Regina nor her siblings cared to continue the Sunday tradition of their matriarch.


"Missy Lester Atlanta, Ga."
“Missy Lester Atlanta, Ga.”
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Marilyn's immigrant family journey from Minsk, Russia to Tupelo, Mississippi to Memphis, Tennessee to Atlanta, Georgia sheds light on the Pearlman tenacity and fortitude to not only survive but to build their American Dream.

Besides the stories that were passed down by her father, Marilyn’s own professional journey is one to learn from. She was one of the first in the PR/Marketing world in the 70’s to use cause marketing as a way to tell her clients’ story. It’s one for future generations to learn from. 

In 1977, the year she started the business, she volunteered her medical clients to donate “healthy living” articles for print media throughout metro Atlanta; and in the 80’s she organized free seminars in her clients’ specialties (medical and legal practices; restaurants and hotels), as well as fundraisers sponsored by business clients to benefit charities. Now in her 38th year, she has continued to use a variety of cause marketing vehicles.

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