StoryWill Project Time Lines and Payment Schedule

StoryWill Project Time Lines

Our project time line is projected between 6-8 weeks.

StoryWill projects that involve more than one to two people such as; multiple family members, Member based organizations that are documenting and archiving their history, or businesses that involve 3 or more principle members in the project, will have a project duration of 3 – 6 months.

Project Management

Each StoryWill client has a designated project manager. Our project manager will map out the timeline, coordinate dates, and schedule designated upgrades on videography. He/She will send out project updates.


Our 3 payment process

We have a three payment process 40% of the agreed upon price to start. 30% after the StoryWill audio/video interview, and 30% of the remainder before the book is sent off to be published.

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