Marge and Ed Lasecki: A StoryWill Family Legacy

by Robroy Wiley

The story of Ed and Marge Lasecki: a guide to creating and sustaining generational wealth.

This is the story of Marge and Ed Lasecki, and their journey to creating a successful business and substantial wealth in the early 20th century. Ed Lasecki created success and subtantial family wealth as gas station owner in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Due to his exceptional business and financial skills, he was able to leave Marge Lasecki in a decent financial position when he passed on in 1982. Share in Ed's story and learn how he got a business going and drove it to such success.


Book Description

This book is unique in that it is a living guide for now and future generations of your family only. This is the story of your family, of how key members of your family created their wealth, and what they can pass on to family members to help them sustain that wealth from generation to generation.
This book is your tool, guidepost and roadmap. Through this unique tool you will get to know your ancestors and learn from them as though they were with you here today.
This sample StoryWill tells of Marge and Ed Lasecki, who were the maternal grandparents of Robroy Wiley. Ed Lasecki was a successful owner of a gas station in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He passed away when Robroy was 10 years old in 1982. He left Marge Lasecki in a decent financial position due to his great skills as a businessman.
This story is Robroy’s tribute to them. Robroy knows that his grandparents would be excited and thrilled that their grandson chose them to tell their story. They had such a strong influence on the person he is today.
Marge and Ed Lasecki’s story will give you the look and feel of the possibilities of what your StoryWill could look like. Because StoryWill is personalized and each family has there own story to tell.

About the Author

Robroy Wiley, lives in Atlanta, Georgia. He is a writer, entrepreneur, and Registered Investment Advisor, who holds a Bachelor of Business of Administration in Finance from Georgia State University. In 2011, Robroy went to work for SmartPlan Financial Services, which is the family business. ,/p> Robroy started researching his own family and how various members Read more »