How to get started!

Where do you begin?

You start by selecting one of three choices to start your StoryWill Journey. Each story platform asks questions to connect on a deeper level. They are designed to tell your narrative of your American Dream story.

What are you waiting for?

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Which of the 3 choices connects to the theme of your story?

Entrepreneur Story Generational Story Immigrant Story
You built it. This theme is designed to tell about your journey. Inspire your future generations on what it took to build your business. Discuss the skill sets that gave you a competitive advantage, reasoning behind your business decisions, and why you loved what you built. Families have stories. The focus is to provide an emotional connection for future generations. Bring your family story to life for them and deepen their sense of connection to their roots. Give them a sense of who they are from their parents to their ancestors. Inspire them to carry on the legacy with pride.


You immigrated to the United States and made a new life for you and your family. This is a story that you need to tell. Each immigrant story is unique and profound for the individual and family that experienced it. It can never be experienced again. Bring to life the story of your American dream for future generations.

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” Ideas on how to begin your story.”

It’s not always easy to get started telling your story. We know that the process can feel daunting and overwhelming, and you just do not know how to begin.

We don’t want to you to give up before you get started. Let us walk you through how to dig deeper, how to tell your story and let us help you put it all together.