How do we create the original StoryWill?

The Discovery Process

Entrepreneur and/or Family member goes through our StoryWill discovery process: 

3 step process of survey, written, and audio and/or video recorded interview. 

*The survey and written portion responses serve as the foundation for the questions asked during the recorded StoryWill interview.

We get to work on putting together your StoryWill

We write, edit, and layout your own 7 chapter story. We procure images, memorabilia, and documents.

Most Important Benefit/Lesson of StoryWill

Extract how to use your family history to nurture future generations, family success, and sustainable wealth.

Examples of the layout of the 7 Chapter book

Custom layout of your StoryWill 7 Chapter book is available 

Entrepreneur Generational Immigrant
Chapter 1.Introduction – A short family history and how the personal wealth started.
Chapter 2.Family – Pictures of the members featured in the book and background
Chapter 3. Money and Business
Chapter 4.Inspiration and Mentorship
Chapter 5.Goals and Accomplishment
Chapter 6.Your wealth legacy
Chapter 7.Highlights – section with key quotes and highlights; a quick reference for any family member to reference to.

Chapter 1. Introduction – history on the family
Chapter 2. Family -Memorabilia and pictures.
Chapter 3. Connection to the past – stories of yesteryear
Chapter 4. Current generation stories
Chapter 5. Traditions – a combination of recipes, documents, and letters
Chapter 6. Letter to the next generation
Chapter 7. Highlights – quick glance of quotes and family anecdotes.

Chapter 1. Introduction – family roots
Chapter 2. New beginnings – story of laying American roots
Chapter 3. Business – how did you make the money.
Chapter 4. Goals & accomplishments- what did it take.
Chapter 5. Traditions-old and new. How to keep it alive.
Chapter 6. Family legacy – letter to the next generation
Chapter 7. Highlights – quick glance of quotes, highlights, and anecdotes.

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