Robroy Wiley



Robroy Wiley is the creator of StoryWill, a division of SmartPlan Financial Services. He is a native South Floridian growing up along the east coast in and around the Fort Lauderdale and Jupiter area. Robroy relocated to Atlanta, Ga. sixteen years ago.

Since relocating to Atlanta, Robroy received his Bachelors in Business Administration in Finance from Georgia State University and became a licensed investment advisor representative. In 2011, he went to work for the family business SmartPlan financial services, a company started by his father.

Robroy has seen first hand what it takes to launch a small business and has an appreciation for the skill set that an entrepreneur needs. As a speaker, Robroy hosts monthly events on finance and business. Where he brings other business leaders to discuss topical business trends, issues, and solutions for the small business owner.

The subject of Generational Wealth has been of interest to Robroy for some years and is the topic of his keynote speech. Every family has a story of wealth lost or gained. Wealth can be the source that benefits many or the pain that divides.

StoryWill’s mission is to give an architect and a historic account of how the family built their wealth.