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 Express your story and build a deeper connection with your family.

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We specialize in helping entrepreneurs and family’s connect, share, and tell their story.
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"Missy Lester Atlanta, Ga."
Missy Lester Atlanta, Ga.

” I felt like I was in the room as they were being interviewed. I think it’s a really cool concept. Especially as a gift within the legacy of a family or business.”

" Marilyn Pearlman"
Marilyn Pearlman, Atlanta, Ga.

“Writing my StoryWill family history has meant so much to me. All of my writing has been based on stories my father told me over 60 years of our relationship.

Having the oppportunity to relate my dad’s stories to Robroy Wiley, a very good listener– during our sessions has made me both chuckle and tear up, as well as feel that I was giving something special to my     niece, who is my own only sister’s daughter.” To view an excerpt click here.

Chris Rodriguez
Chris Rodriguez, Atlanta.Ga.

“I’m excited to do a StoryWill with my grandfather. I grew up away from my grandfather and I have always heard about parts of his life. From leaving his home in Argentina with a new baby and wife, (my dad and my grandmother) to living in New York. I have always had questions about his life and how he made the choices he made.”